by sixpress

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released May 28, 2017

ON THE ROAD cover art by: Elijah Maura
SUNNY PATH cover art by: Ade Sayyed

Michael Bonema, Joygill Moriah, Rasheed Dixon, Nicky Wetherell, Jack Zittel, Darryl Johnson, Isaac Baird, Lucy Moloney, Ra Shabazz, Esteban Scott, Jesse Brotter, Robby Jenkins, Rasheeda Sayyed, and FAMILY IN THE CITY WHO HOLD US DOWN



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sixpress New York

from da gunhill side

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Track Name: lady shadow
verse: 1
im no baby nigga, i need to retrace my steps to make a difference, at time i hate existence, i didnt paint this picture, im the easel that held it down, you hate resistance, so i gave you distance, i hesitate to give up, head first in the shadows that you dipped your toes in, i almost missed my moment, i need to aim for bigger goals, i know the game is tired of my bitchy moaning, but they dont get it fully, ive been so miserable, me with a big smile on the face, wigged out cause these niggas doubt on ADE, they want me for my soul they want me for my beats, they will not take control, im standing up to speak, speak wealth or be dealt below last on a sunny street, climbing out these shows that i dove at, head first had my dome black but it dont last, on the road i a nomad

hook: 1
dive in the shadows, dive in the shadows, head first head first, dive in the shadows
Track Name: fish tails
verse 1:
i stand behind them standardize men, analyze and tally mark, everybody will kill or be killed, im just tryna bring style and art, mastermind, manhattan island hustle finds us out of breath, you and i want to survive, so you and i will kill doubt and stress

hook 1:
i watch you take your first steps into shadows, you love resisting
you are new to the worse, this earth, this battle, and you are missing,

verse 2:
poppa told me all about the system, guacamole green money bags, opps and phonies kept at miles of distance, hungry ass on a sunny path, im a bummy class nigga on the beat, 17 my past haunted me, if you remember me i make small mistakes until they escalate and latch on to me, imma step to plate, im a clean up hitter, estimate under me my nigga, i dont give a shit, me and team will diminish what we came to finish cause we on a business trip

get the doubt and stress from out of your crowded head

hook 1:
Track Name: checkyerself/drowning
verse one:

they slaughter til we out of order bag of bones, im drowning underwater, what a afternoon, the clout can give you power but wont last you long, because the only clout you got is when you grab your phone, and i dont think that path you take will take you home, im reliant on the cash i need to make my own, hear the sirens on the ave dodging jake, my tone speaks heavy, got problems that i face alone
Track Name: growing foot prints
hook 1:
growing up i see that this the last straw, suck my soul out like milkshake, phone with devils on the other end called, showed me how much my skills make, they give me paper for my time, and say its not enough for making up my mind, its too late for a lot of us, i walk into my days never powered up, ever since i got played ive been out of trust

verse 1:
troubled mind, troubled soul, some of mine, some of yours, stuck in line, crash dummy buckled up, earning bucks you cant grab from me, path sunny, gass bubble guts, bad diet, bad mindset stuck with us, crimewave musketeers, i juggle trust if they aint one of us, the trains in the tunnel (yup), we headed back uptown, im aggy, me and agatha puff loud, im always in my bag, im a ticking time bomb, if you see something, say less, maybe im wrong, talk is cheap and its all i could afford, walk with me down the sunny boulevard, she pass the L to me, i stress i pull it hard

hook 1:
Track Name: game boy (feat. MIKE)
6press verse 1:
i know i know i dont know shit, but this winter gave me lightbulbs in cold solstice, i chose my road, i know the light chose us, spirals in your eyeballs, supposed to trust in your self and not the titles they gave to you, because these niggas been blind fold but claim its view, i hope you know i always think of you, street lights like stars from a distance now,

we might we might go far this time around (x2)

hook 1:

MIKE bridge 1:
whole life tryna make it work, come clean you aint face the dirt, and we screen til our faces hurt (x3)

6press bridge 2:
its for you young nigga, its for you black queen, the crew gorillas in a new rap scene, cause new yorks realer than it was 3 years ago, allem niggas fake spirituals

6press Verse 2:
my momma raise a miracle, my karma made me miserable, imma raise my jarritos, imma face my fear, roll up and then i share with folk, overall niggas super mario, here we go! they stole whats ours, wonder if they borrowed any pigment tho

6press bridge 2:

hook 1:
Track Name: stuck in the scene (feat. MIKE)
6press verse 1:
im always under the same hat, a troublesome pain that, is looking for payback and tryna get paid, stuck in a maze, traps, puzzle and cages, packed subway delay for mass suckas and slaves, something we made will have a bunch of replays, im adding us to the page of magic fucks on the stage, hustle and race, and make sure none of them safe, i only run with my team, i only run with my team, fuck to you mean? theres not a sunnier beam than 6, hunny just scream my name i know what you need, oh what i year for dey in 2016 us kids we up in our teens, a lot of fakes in the scene, get stuck in the scene, so be real if you fuck with the team, man im too stressed on the green, so disgusting so unclean

MIKE verse 2:
Im a troubled child, feeling like its Gods Fault, Head like a cloud when im standing and the sky fall, niggas move around like my eyeball, swear this shit crack but my nigga this is drywall, working on my craft again, did it in my time off, all my niggas by the edge, man im know to keep my line strong, nigga im a slimeball, balling of a nigga pocket, making moves behind yall, niggas swear they seen the future, niggas got they signs wrong, myrtle off the j train, rhyme like I hate pain, press on a sunny path, i found me a great lane, niggas do the same shit, always tryna make change, I be in the field forreal, niggas play a fake game, cut from a different cloth, niggas play away games, We dont the same drills, we dont shoot the same hoop, ever since a youngin i been movin with the same dude, its just niggas dragged along now, homie thts a wavepool, i be on the top of hills, reason why i stay cool, running through this paper, imma cut it like a staple, voice of a young slave running through the cable, feeling like im a pegasus, stuck inside a stable, I promise im head of this, my message gonna pave through, old niggas hate the same youth, always spit the same truth, niggas stuck in the scene, ya nice bars boy thats rubbish to me, ya dumb clout boy thats nothing to me, niggas stuck in the scene
Track Name: the angelic demon from the sun
verse 1:
i was tryna win her heart, it dont belong in the darkness, been digging her since the start of our first eye contact, i hurt her cause im not conscious of her real true feelings, she gave me life in my songs, you hated cause she was dealing with a powerful artist, i learned my rights from wrong, i earned a second chance then burned that to the ground, ive always been a clown, ive always been surrounded by people that hold me down, i peep that our roads connect to teach us hope is around, but it always drove me crazy, in my mind she was my lady, in her mind i was the man taking trips to japan, im just selfish and need a hand, one can warm me up today, all this work that im puttin in? you saw the worth as i began

look at me now

you can play your own role, i just want you here in my life, if i said i wanted a night to make up and make it alright, if i ever wasted my time, im still paid for making it rhyme, so i commend you for your spirit, cause it made a big impact, give your love ill give some back, emotions bombarded me, im too open so pardon me, i wear my broken heart on sleeves
Track Name: pink (feat. will sellf)
will sellf bridge 1:
youre small and i see it i grow, i guess its you right in the cold, i feel it i breath it i know, the river dont pop like it used to, see how its drain in the snow, dont ride dont call, i move you bleed, it drips we talk, i die i need

6press verse 1:
you living life but you didnt know what came with it, cold transfer at e180, dont answer for these fools wait a bit, when your spirit was indulging in the craziness, im glad you took a step back from the dangerous, look back 3 years you would aimed for this, men grow with their hustle, no lazy shit, i was very sensitive to the pain that hit, i didnt know if my name exist, i had friends in homeschool, ever since then i was plotting on my self, tryna figure this out like sudoku, im not you & im not who you want me to be, but you support my story and the vocals, shawty im supposed to find the one for me, with nice company i am hopeful
Track Name: neck
verse 1:
ill save you from the rest, the underdressed devils wont pave your way for less, we on a next level and say "dude save your breath" growing running rebels aint taking baby steps
ha HA!
we made your major stress, evacuate cage so lets chase this paper next, im blacker than shade on the slave who made US, my saturdays wave to the vacant days im blessed
ha HA!

hook 1:
ill save you from the rest

ill save you from the rest, im getting wiser by the age, silent days made me think this life's a maze, im amazed at this race that we cant run away from, man on the pavement, jam on display!
Track Name: my world
verse 1:
get strong experience pain, i do not have time for fear in this brain, i hope it is clear when im spraying, flow in your ear not the drain, drove down mysterious lane, and that made me who i am so man i can not complain, giving all that i have, all us spedemetor hauling some ass, sparking the the gass, i live in my head and its all in the past, all in the what? all six of us! we could be gone in a flash
Track Name: that's your problem
verse 1:
crown was on my title, shaking hands with idols, i look into your spirals, your visions at arrival now, mom and sister saw the iffel tower, thats the way it goes, hyper child, all these people drain my soul, never will i quiet down, i pat my back for making those with my team, not the type to take your road, i don’t like to play the scene, i dont hype up baby schemes, gotta hustle to the bag, niggas don’t credit me, i should drop producer tags, i know lot of men and women that were really here for us, shouting in the air for us, crowded on the trains, same destination yea its up, in the bronx my area, you do not compare to us, shoot a shot with range, my computer got me sucked in, you can find me mad on twitter, or catch me in the city scooting by an average nigga

verse 2:
im not famous just a city kid who knows his name, but stop playing like you know the game, i was stuck with a loading screen, im not the only one noticed change, we on the road but we dont go the same, i miss the uptown rides bro, its sucks now that our eyes dont make any contact, and that i dont get kept in the loop, but still im reppin my group, shouts out to derrick and rube
Track Name: love instead of gold
verse 1:
silence on the surface, i was never perfect, i was on my way home, i do not deserve this, scrutinize my purpose, brutalized my service, now im introverted, cause i was getting nervous, you can find your worth its down the road, ill bring ya, im an overthinker, smell of roses linger

cowards point they fingers, hear the voices singing in my head regardless, i dont rest my eyelids, my homies unemployed, the bread will get divided, the people the love the noise, we some jungle boys, we only exercised it, read the public excerpt and peep the rest behind it, we did communal service, i guess i do deserve this, everything i gave to the universe just
came back to me, the kind and the ugly, im on the sunny path, the shines right above me
Track Name: a new day flipped around
verse 1:
she gon want me back, she gon want me back, aint no looking back,
im pushing forward
the pain doesnt last, nor do the shitty days, what you're saying doesnt match your action anyways, you should be talking less, i need a big reward, tired of living poor, im tryna keep it raw, gotta get it boy, gotta get it made, get strong put some muscle on your resume, i quit my 9-5 for this, im with my ride or die nigga, light up the dynamite wick, light from the summer shine nigga, i have been running round the city,i have been running round, joygill said get your bag nigga, hit uk flip them pounds nigga

verse 2
she gon want me back, i think im better off, im on a sunny path, you did not get involve, i love my brothers, facts! the times we had were hard, but glad we done with that, they know that we in charge, they tried to get in my head, it drove me up the walls, but i dropped a pretty tape so they can suck my balls, but still i have my flaws, from walking down the ave, and jumping in the shadows, the darkness made a splash