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released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


sixpress New York

from da gunhill side

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Track Name: beautiful stranger
hook (2x):
beautiful stranger, unlock your chamber
and stop the pain for a few
i move the same but, my moods in danger
i do not mean to harm you
Track Name: growing closer
hook (2x):
everytime i see you, theres just something new to deal with, you intentionally play with my mind

imma tell you how its 'posed to be, omg im on the mound
baby baby come close to me, soulfully i hold it down
you mean the most to me, and yes im known in town
i might compose a beat, it might get thrown around
we like the only ones that have full controls of the sound
sixpress, atta boy, add a thrown and a crown
i keep my toes to the grown
i keep by my side, cause you and i make newer vibes
no suicide, keep you by side, cause you and i make newer vibes

hook (2x):

outro (4x):
and we gon last forever
Track Name: escape
you wan to escape, this place, called home, right in front of your face
launch into space, and make your own type of living
you and i were given these scary thoughts that tell us life's a prison
my existence, could not be made without you baby
so just know your special, and we will fly away one day,
and hope that devils could clear away
rela okay

hook (x2):
we lack sun rays on our paths, hour glass tips over
maybe it'll make sense when we get older
Track Name: ?¿?¿?
i talk to the mic, i walk to the light
i thought we would like the same things
i stalled with goodbyes,
im hanging on thinking that i need your support
but girl the truth is, its just me and this sport
so look at me, im a dork who thought we would last forever
accuracy was so poor, my past belief is no more i promise

new york city wave riders, these women are wave riders
but thank god that dey is wiser to see that today is bright
ay tiger aim higher

and if shes beautiful, dont get too attached just cause shes new to you
learn from my stupid moves and don't chace after scooby doos
because they're mysteries
Track Name: decline
you were on my mind but i guess things had to decline,
and you said it wasnt a relationship but on my side, i wasnt faking shit
i promise i loved you, and it is unconditional
every second i spent with you was medicinal
my medicine for like 3 months, and now i turned into a weak punk
ill do anything just to become, that nigga again, but no i wont ignore the speed bumps

and i couldnt control my emotions, i wish the time we had was in slow motion
cause your friendship was something i was hoping,
that would last forever, but nothing lasts forever
but we could make it longer, my momma said it's karma, for all the hurt i put on her, now i search for forgiveness